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Report on Bargaining No. 1 – Southeast Cornerstone School Division Unit 1 and Unit 2

Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

This is the first Report on Bargaining for this round of negotiations with your Employer.

You will notice that we have identified above this Report is for “Unit 1 & Unit 2”. Unit 1 is the designation given to the bargaining unit which includes all the members covered by the existing Collective Agreement. Unit 2 is the designation for the those members in the newly organized bargaining unit including the primarily rural schools of the Division as well as the Bus Drivers in the Weyburn Bus Barn…

Click on the link below for the complete Report:

Report on Bargaining No. 1 – SOUTHEAST CORNERSTONE SCHOOL DIVISION Unit 1 and Unit 2


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President’s message: 2012 Civic Elections

Across Saskatchewan, towns and cities are preparing for the municipal elections on October 24… a lot of us don’t really pay attention to these elections…but we SHOULD!

If you flush your toilet, or drive on the streets in your community or pay taxes on your house – you should care. Our water, our roads, and our property taxes are governed by our city and town councils. Our schools (whether public or separate) are governed by school boards who are having elections at the same time.

Let’s face it, municipal and school board elections aren’t nearly as polarizing or riveting as provincial or federal elections, but the decisions made in the city hall or the school board office impact us and our families more closely than provincial or federal politics.

The great thing about this municipal election cycle is that we have two of our very own SEIU-West members taking the challenge of running for municipal election: Sandy Weyland, a LPN at the Humboldt Hospital and a member of the SEIU-West Executive Board is running for city council in Humboldt; and James Ford, who works at Extendicare Preston in Saskatoon, is running in Ward 5 in Saskatoon. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to run for city council – no matter where you are in the province. Most of the people running for election are running because they want to make a difference in their city or town for their neighbours, friends and community.

There’s a responsibility to show up and vote: whether you want a new stadium in Regina or better pest control in Swift Current; whether you want to see the Victoria St. bridge replaced in Saskatoon or an affordable housing program in Moose Jaw… these are issues that we can all relate to.

Other people you might want to hear about: Deb Higgins is running for Mayor of Moose Jaw – yes, THAT Deb Higgins. She’s been a good friend to SEIU-West members across the province, no matter what sector you work in. And Ann Iwanchuk is running in Ward 3 in Saskatoon and is a CUPE staff rep who has worked hard on civic issues that impact members working on the West side of Saskatoon.

The Labour Councils have also worked hard in identifying issues that matter to workers and their families and information can be obtained from them as follows:

• Saskatoon and District Labour Council- link to their website at www.saskatoondlc.ca and click on the Municipal Matters button;

• Regina and District Labour Council – contact Shobna Rodons, spradons@sasktel.net or telephone 306-530-7826;

• Humboldt and District Labour Council, – contact Sharon Cameron, sharon.cameron@sasktel.net or 306-231-7377;

• Moose Jaw and District Labour Council contact President Stacy Landin staceylandin@sasktel.net.

Municipalities matter – infrastructure (water/roads/sewers/rec facilities) matter – our communities matter! And providing these services through public services will keep your taxes in your community and not in private corporation’s hands.

Whether you are in Humboldt, or Saskatoon, or Regina, or Swift Current or Estevan – you need to get out to vote on October 24!

We have provided a link on our website so that you can find out where to vote. Vote in the advance polls or vote on October 24 – but whatever you do, you need to VOTE!!!

For civic election information please visit the following links (in alphabetical order):

• In Estevan www.estevan.ca/

• In Humboldt http://cityofhumboldt.ca/default.aspx

• In Moose Jaw www.moosejaw.ca/?service=election-areas

• In Regina www.regina.ca/residents/elections/polling-stations/

• In Saskatoon www.saskatoon.ca/CITY%20COUNCIL/Elections/Pages/WheretoVote.aspx

• In Swift Current www.swiftcurrent.ca/city_hall.php?name=Sections&cp=viewarticle&artid=450

• In Weyburn http://city.weyburn.sk.ca/

If you reside in another town/city location, please visit the home page of the town/city website for additional information.



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National Day of Mourning – Weyburn

For workers killed or injured on the job…

Please join the Weyburn & District Labour Council (HDLC) in a ceremony of remembrance.

Contact: Wanda Bartlett

Want to post this on your Union board? Click on the link below for a printable colour version of the poster:

Day of Mourning Events Saskatchewan

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