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2018 SALPN Conference & AGM

The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN) Education Conference and AGM is being held in Saskatoon on May 8 & 9, 2018.

The SEIU-West Nursing Care Committee (NCC) and Education Committee will each sponsor four (4) LPN delegates to attend the conference, for a total of eight (8) delegates. SEIU-West will cover registration costs, lost wages, travel costs and meal expenses for those who are selected to attend.

Anyone interested in attending this conference is asked apply on or before March 28, 2018 by completing the SEIU-West Expression of Interest form for SALPN Conference & AGM 2018 and sending it to the SEIU-West office in Moose Jaw to the attention of:

Deidre Wilson, Chair, Nursing Care Committee
39 Athabasca Street W., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 2B6
Fax: 306-692-2807

NEW for 2018! Submit your application online by visiting http://bit.ly/2BOfTAs. The form will be submitted to SEIU-West and your application will be considered for the event.

Successful applicants will be contacted after April 3rd in order to complete the registration process.

Note: Delegates attending the conference must submit a brief report to the SEIU-West Executive Board through the Nursing Care Chairperson following the completion of the event. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

Send your Expression of Interest ASAP. The March 28, 2018 deadline will be here before you know it!

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Update on the LPN Town Hall Meetings

Summary of LPN townhall meeting discussions

By Barbara Cape

Through the course of October and November, SEIU-West Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) met to discuss concerns about the SUN interference with the SALPN bylaw review process; the role of the Ministry of Health in regulatory review; and discussion about the work being done with SEIU-West and SALPN on behalf of LPNs.

The meetings in Moose Jaw and Swift Current were very well attended; however, our meetings held in Saskatoon and Biggar had fewer attendees.

SEIU-West executive board members, staff reps, Directors, and the President, Vice-President or Treasurer of SEIU-West all took a strong interest in attending these meetings.  Individual examples of challenges and difficulties were addressed; pro-active strategies to deal with workplace bullying and harassment were discussed with direction on how to manage these issues in the workplace.  We also talked about having a great deal of caution in posting any issues or replying to any comments on social media forums (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc)  related to SUN or RN perspectives on this matter. We talked about what SEIU-West and our Nursing Care Committee has been doing to address this issue and promote the role of LPNs as a valued member of the nursing team.

SEIU-West has been in close contact with SGEU and CUPE about these issues to ensure that we have a similar approach to communication on this matter.  As well, SEIU-West has been in regular contact with the Executive Director of SALPN to share concerns, strategies and jointly provide support for the work, skill and education that LPN ‘s bring to the provision of  health c are, whether it is rural, urban, private or public, acute, homecare or long-term care. SEIU-West was invited to be a part of the committee participating in the review of the bylaws and regulations that govern the LPN scope of practise.

In addition, after the LPN town hall meetings, we met with the Ministry of Health, SHR, FHHR, CHR, and HHR during our Tri-Partite Partnership meeting  to advise of our members concerns, and ask what they intended to do to show their support for the work of the LPN and a collaborative team nursing practise.  Ultimately, the Ministry of Health and all of the regional health authorities at that meeting, issued open letters to all the nursing staff indicating their support and respect for the skill that all members of the nursing team provide.

The work being done by SALPN on the regulatory review is intended to simply set out exactly what LPN’s are trained to do now – because the education of a LPN has continued to expand over the last 15 years. These regulations also seek to set out how a LPN who has additional skills or competencies is regulated in his or her practise as a LPN.  This work is continuing under a facilitated discussion model involving Dr. Dennis Kendel who was appointed by the Ministry of Health.

SEIU-West seeks to support and promote all members of the nursing team. We believe that this is a foundational issue that needs to be addressed through additional education supports(whether that is resources to attend a course or opportunities to receive in-house training); expanded training seats at Sask Polytechnical (formerly SIAST) & regional colleges; and respect and recognition of the evolving nature of health care and all members of the health care team.

To do this, we have language in our collective agreements; we have lobbied with a group of LPN’s with the Minister of Health; we have promoted all members of the health care team via our purple works website; we have engaged with and built a relationship with SALPN, including attending AGM and Education Day; and we have conducted these LPN townhall meetings in each health region.

SEIU-West remains open to further strategies.  We welcome your ideas on how to build stronger nursing teams and ensure that the role of all health care providers is respected. Please do not hesitate to share them.

Update on the LPN Town Hall Meetings


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LPN Town Hall Meeting – Moose Jaw

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NEW TIME: LPN Town Hall Meeting – Swift Current

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LPN Town Hall Meeting – Saskatoon

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LPN Town Hall Meeting – Saskatoon

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MEDIA RELEASE: Recognition for the Nursing Team

Saskatoon – The leaders and members of SEIU-West want the public to be aware that Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) provide high quality, skilled professional care in the Saskatchewan health care system.

“We are very proud of the role that all of our members play in delivery of quality health care services,” said Barbara Cape, President of SEIU-West. “At SEIU-West, we recognize and value the full range of professional skills offered by our members who are an essential part of the health care team.  We try to provide the same consideration to other occupations.”

Bylaw changes being proposed by the Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN) have been compiled on the basis of current work of LPNs, as they are responsible for a variety of nursing care duties. For example, an LPN working as a part of the endoscopy team will be screening for colon, bladder, and stomach cancer; an LPN in a medicine unit will administer medications, take vital signs, check blood sugars, do wound care, dressing changes and perform IV insertions. Full scope LPN’s are able to assess patients, admit them and provide all of their nursing care requirements. LPNs have had expanded education that includes such things as IV therapy, operating room specialty, foot care among others and this training has been recognized by SALPN  for five years.

”We have absolute confidence in the ability of our LPN members that needs to be shared with all patients, residents and clients due to the recent public comments made by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) president, Tracy Zambory, in the context of SUN’s contract negotiations. We know that specialized LPN care has been recognized and accepted in both Manitoba and Alberta.  The reaction that it poses a threat to the RN profession and jobs is knee jerk at best. It is offensive to the LPNs in this province who provide competent, qualified, professional services and should be offensive to all the other members of the health care team. Regrettably, the destructive nature of these comments will undoubtedly be felt within many nursing teams across the province.”

Further, Cape adds, “We see the recent allegations of SUN as turf protection. It would seem obvious that an arbitrary number of staff classifications (i.e. RN) in a unit, department, facility or agency may not meet professional standards. There needs to be a proper analysis of the right person, the right service and the right time for all patients, clients and residents. We know that LPNs and CCAs put the heart into health care nursing teams as they provide the bulk of hands-on care. These providers go the extra mile everyday.”

SEIU-West represents more than twelve thousand health care providers in the province of Saskatchewan in four regional health authorities. They include health care professionals like continuing care assistants, licensed practical nurses, diagnostic and therapeutic technologists, food service workers, laundry, housekeeping and activity personnel, maintenance, sterile processing workers and administrative staff, among others. Visit www.PurpleWorks.ca to find out more about the members of SEIU-West who work for the people of Saskatchewan.



For more information, contact:

Christine Miller
Phone: 306.652.1011 ext. 2250


For a printable PDF of this release, click on the link below:

MEDIA RELEASE: MEDIA RELEASE: Recognition for the Nursing Team

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Licensed Practical Nurse Day – May 13, 2014!

LPN day is on Tuesday, May 13th of Nursing Week.

Click to download our LPN Day Poster for Tuesday May 13, 2014

Listen to our LPN Nursing Week Radio Ad

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a strong player within the nursing team. Their professional skills, education, specialized qualifications, and their experience have made them a vital component to the collaborative nursing model within healthcare. LPNs are accountable for their own nursing practice and license. LPNs serve many roles in this province.  They work in acute care, long term care, community care, primary care clinics, education, occupational health and safety, public health, and leadership. More than 60% are in acute care, 27% long term care and less than 10% work in community-based care.

Did you know?

  • LPNs have their own regulatory body named the Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN)
  • LPNs are professional nurses working within their own scope of practice
  • There are roughly 2800 LPNs practicing in Saskatchewan
  • LPNs graduate from a two year diploma program
  • They receive 1776 hours of instruction and 704 hours of theoretical instruction
  • They receive over 900 hours of clinical / lab experience (link to SALPN).

Our LPNs might be the person that can calm a mother while her son is in surgery, the person that is counted on to manage the health assessment of an elderly father receiving home care services, or the person in charge at the community nursing home. Our LPNs are both educated and professional. They are also as diverse as the places they work.

Jasmine – Licensed Practical Nurse/Operating Room Technician, St. Paul’s Hospital

Jasmine knows how much people need to feel safe and cared for during the time of uncertainty whether it is the patient or their family.  See Jasmine’s full profile here.

Anna – Licensed Practical Nurse, Saskatoon Home Care

It is up to Anna to gather, receive, manage and ultimately disperse vital information on all home care clients.  See full profile here.

Bonnie – Licensed Practical Nurse, Central Butte Regional Hospital

Bonnie has taken a great deal of additional education in order to keep her skills finely tuned.  See Bonnie’s full profile here.

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Celebrate Nursing Week!

The Nursing Care Committee of SEIU-West is proud to recognize our Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Continuing Care Assistants (CCA) for all the wonderful work they do.  

LPNs and CCAs are a vital part of the
collaborative nursing team.

LPNs are responsible for a variety of hands on nursing care duties that vary depending on the area they work in.  For example, an LPN working as a part of the endoscopy team will be screening for colon, bladder, and stomach cancer.
20140417-National-Nursing-Week-POSTERHowever, for an LPN in pediatrics, the daily duties likely include administering medications, taking vital signs, checking blood sugars, wound care, dressing changes and performing IV insertions. Full Scope LPNs are able to assess patients, admit them and provide all of their nursing care requirements.

For a CCA in Long-Term Care, daily duties are centered around the provision of personal care; everything from bathing, TLR, dressing and overall addressing all of a resident care needs, they strive to provide dignity to people in their final days or possibly assist someone to become independent enough to go home and live once again with their family. CCA’s are often the front line workers who are able to identify a change in the condition of a resident which requires attention. CCAs who work in homecare use their skills to allow people to remain safely in their homes as long as possible. In most of these cases, the residents come to regard their caregivers as friends.

Click on the link below to download a printable PDF of the SEIU-West Nursing Week Poster:

Poster: Nursing Week 2014 – SEIU-West

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Attention LPNs: SALPN AGM 2014

The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee will be sending two (2) LPNs to the SALPN Annual General Meeting on April 29 & 30, 2014 in Saskatoon.

Self-declaration of Aboriginal descent will be considered.

Registration fees, lost wages, accommodations, meals and mileage will be covered by SEIU-West.

Please complete the Expression of Interest – Conferences Events Form and the SALPN Conference Registration Form and submit it to the SEIU-West Saskatoon Office in person (200 – 747 46th Street W.), by fax 306-652-1392, or email (darlene.shawchuk@seiuwest.ca) by March 28, 2014.

We also ask that you send the same forms to  SEIU-West Moose Jaw Office in person (39 Athabasca Street West), by fax 306-692-2807, or email (kim.macdonald@seiuwest.caby March 28, 2014 – so that both the Aboriginal and Nursing Care committees can consider your application.

Memo to LPNs RE: SALPN Annual General Meeting – March 5, 2014

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Memo to LPNs RE: SALPN Annual General Meeting – March 5, 2014

SALPN Conference Brochure and Registration Form

SEIU-West Expression of Interest Form

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