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MEDIA RELEASE: Residents of Providence Place Deserve Safe Care

For Immediate Release – April 8, 2015

Moose Jaw – The leaders and members of SEIU-West were distressed by the recent news story centred upon a tragedy at Providence Place where a resident died after eating detergent pods.

“SEIU-West represents the hard working, dedicated health care staff who work on the front line at this facility, and the issue of understaffing has been an ongoing problem which has been brought to the attention of Providence Place and its health region time and time again,” said Barbara Cape, President of SEIU-West. “It is especially upsetting to hear the response from the CEO of Providence Place. By saying he’s seen ‘no sign of unresolved issues’ from residents or staff, he admits that he has ignored the communications and letters we have shared with him, the Providence Place Board of Directors and senior leadership of Five Hills Health Region.”

In January of 2015, just two months before this tragic incident, SEIU-West sent a letter to each Board member of Providence Place outlining our concerns, and copied Mr. Nyhof. “We explained about the hazards presented to residents and workers when unsafe staffing levels are chronic,” continued Cape. “Unfortunately, our invitation to come together ‘to begin to work together to make improvements in a system that is under siege for marquee catastrophes, rather than letting this become the next big media story’ received no meaningful reply from anyone associated with Providence Place.

On April 2, 2015, the provincial government stated that funding to Providence Place has increased by 46 per cent since 2007 and that staffing has increased by 9 per cent. Evidently, this increase has not alleviated understaffing and moreover, that increase spans a time period from 8 years ago and doesn’t appear to include the much needed front-line staff. Of concern to the staff is that when the Five Hills Health Region was given an opportunity to receive more funding with the 2013 ‘Urgent Action Fund’, there is no mention of Providence Place in the Five Hills Health Region’s application. Furthermore, the ‘funded priority areas’ for Five Hills involved (1) purchasing new tubs and track lifts, (2) purchasing equipment for priority facilities, and (3) using Lean initiatives to help improve residents’ personal routines and schedules. These initiatives require enough staff to be able to actually use the new equipment.

“It is especially disconcerting to learn that the Five Hills Health Region was one of few regions in Saskatchewan that did not ask for funding towards its staffing levels in 2013. At the same time, SEIU-West was ringing alarms about unsafe staffing levels within the health region,” said Cape. “This tragedy was a heartbreaking event for the family and our members at Providence Place. We must ensure adequate resources and attention are brought to bear on the ongoing crisis in unsafe staffing.”

SEIU-West represents more than 13,000 working people in the province of Saskatchewan. They work in health care, education, municipalities, community-based organizations, retirement homes and other sectors. They are joined by one colour, purple and one union, SEIU-West and they want you to know that purple works in our community! Visit www.PurpleWorks.ca to find out more about the members of SEIU-West who work for the people of Saskatchewan.

– 30 –

For more information, contact:

Christine Miller, Communications Coordinator
Phone: 306-652-1011 ext. 8733


For a printable PDF of this release, please click on the link below:


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SEIU-West/SAHO Bargaining Update no. 28

We wanted to provide you with a status up date on the implementation of the collective agreement that SEIU-West members voted to accept on Jan 21, 2014. Notice of ratification between SAHO and SEIU-West was exchanged on Jan. 24, 2014.

Click on the link below to download the printable PDF of the update:

SEIU-West/SAHO Bargaining Update no. 28

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SEIU-West/SAHO Memorandum of Tentative Agreement

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SEIU-West/SAHO Vote Results

SEIU-West members employed in the Saskatoon, Five Hills, Cypress and Heartland Health Regions exercised their right to vote on their Collective Agreement on January 21, 2014. A majority of members voted to…

Click on the link below to download the full update in PDF:

SEIU-West/SAHO Vote Results – January 23, 2014

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SAHO/SEIU-West Ratification Vote Date

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President’s Message: Where to Vote and Why

For the majority of our healthcare membership, we have a very important vote on a tentative collective agreement coming up on Tuesday, January 21, 2014. The vote will be held in facilities across the province and in the SEIU-West union offices in Moose Jaw, Swift Current and Saskatoon. You can vote at any facility where it is most convenient for you…but you need to vote!

Some members have been pleased with the tentative agreement (TA) and some have been critical of the provisions negotiated. Both are legitimate reactions, but the SEIU-West Bargaining Committee felt that this was the time to put the decision in the hands of our membership. Ultimately, this decision will be made by those members who show up and vote their preference. This is why we have produced the TA and this is why we had our array of meetings to explain the contents. We want our members to know what they are voting on. If you have questions, we urge you to ask them.  Please call the Member Resource Centre (MRC) at 1-888-999-7348 or use the Contact Us form on the website.

Some members have asked why CUPE members are taking a strike vote. I cannot answer that question on their behalf. What I can tell you is that the CUPE agreement, the SEIU-West agreement and the SGEU agreement are all different collective agreements. There were different language priorities for each union and there were different concessions demanded from each of the three unions.

We continue to support our brothers and sisters in CUPE and SGEU. We have lobbied government to drop the concessions demanded of our sister unions; we have asked for the withdrawal of the ‘work for pay’ provision being demanded of our sister unions; and we will work with them no matter what the results of our vote or their votes are.

This ratification vote is important – this is your chance to participate in setting the workplace rules for all of us (the union membership and the employer representatives) for the next 3 years. Take the time to come out and mark your decision on your ballot in the vote on Tuesday, January 21 in the SEIU-West ratification vote on the tentative agreement with SAHO and the health regions.

Poll Times by Health Region:

Related Documents and links:

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Reminder: SAHO Ratification Vote Date

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Highlights of SAHO Tentative Agreement

On December 6, 2013, SEIU-West reached a tentative agreement with SAHO and the Regional Health Authorities.

Click on the link below for the printable PDF version of the Highlights of the SAHO/SEIU-West Tentative Agreement document.

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SAHO Ratification Vote Date

The SAHO Provincial Tentative Agreement Ratification vote will be held on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

Times and locations for all SEIU-West facilities will be posted on the Union bulletin board and the SEIU-West website.

Please watch for further information Please come out and vote.

Your SEIU-West Provincial Bargaining Committee appreciates your participation.

Get the printable PDF notification poster for your bulletin board by clicking on the link below:

Poster: Ratification Vote Notification – SAHO/SEIU-West

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SAHO Ratification Information Meetings

NOTICE: Due to weather conditions, the December 9th meeting scheduled for Swift Current at 4:30 pm has been RESCHEDULED to Monday December 16th at 4:30 pm

Ratification information meetings are being held across the province for SEIU-West members who are covered by the SAHO collective bargaining agreement during the next two weeks.

At these meetings, members of the SEIU-West bargaining team will be on hand to provide you with information regarding the tentative memorandum of agreement between SAHO and SEIU-West, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Please note these meetings are for information purposes so you know what is in the tentative agreement – you will not be voting on the contract. 

We will be scheduling meetings to hold the ratification vote during January 2014.

Full meeting location details are available in the posters below:


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