President’s message

President’s message: Security in Health Care

About a month ago, we learned from our security officer members that the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) was launching a provincial security review process. SEIU-West was not notified directly by the SHA. The review process has only been limited to a six day consultation period with front line security officers, and province-wide online survey of health system staff.

President’s Message: Recognize & Celebrate Nursing Week

LPNs and CCAs as they are essential pieces of your nursing team and work hard to promote and support patient-first health care in a safe setting.

President’s Message: A Message of Solidarity & Love

Our provincial psyche has been rocked this weekend with the horrific crash of the Humboldt Broncos bus; killing 15 and injuring 14. We’ve been blind-sided with the incomprehensible loss of life while doing an activity so many families and athletes have done for what seems like forever. For the families, friends and the communities of Humboldt, Nipawin and Tisdale, life will never be the same. As a union, we mourn their loss and recognize the long road of recovery for the injured and grief-stricken. But I turn my mind to the countless workers who attended the scene; who work at local hospital emergency rooms and larger trauma centers; those who are managing the counselling services; the RCMP; the EMT’S and paramedics; doctors; nursing staff of all stripes; security officers; lab and diagnostic staff; unit clerks; and every single person who’s work in the health care system have put them in direct line with this event. I cannot comprehend the core of strength you have embedded in you to deal with the emergency, and yet shed tears with family and colleagues in the aftermath of the event. I am in awe.

President’s Message: SAHO Bargaining and Telephone Town Hall Follow Up – No. 2

Virtual town halls are a really good tool! Your bargaining committee is able to reach as many members as possible in the most time (and cost) efficient way possible. As a quick note, over 1000 members joined our call in …

President’s Message: SAHO Bargaining and Telephone Town Hall Follow Up

We are starting a week of bargaining with our coalition partners, SGEU and CUPE, and SAHO. We remain hopeful that we can see a breakthrough in this process and be able to present a fair collective agreement to you for …

President’s Message: JJE, LOU, and Teleconferences

Welcome back from your holiday break and Happy New Year to you and your families. There’s much to look forward to and also reflect on; I’m not a big resolution maker, however, I do look at how I can improve in work and personal areas. But I also reflect on the past year and what we have been able to do together; what had a positive impact and what didn’t hit the mark.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Virtual Town Hall Follow Up Part Six

Well, this is our last update on the questions/answers we received from our virtual town hall meetings in September. I have to say that there were a lot of really thought-provoking questions that have guided some of the deliberations of …

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Virtual Town Hall Follow Up Part Five

There’s been a bit of a gap in the updates on the questions following up from our virtual town hall meetings held in late September. Since then, there have bargaining sessions with SAHO held and a laser like focus on …

President’s Message: JJE and Diagnostic Imaging Technologists

The JJEMC identified over a year ago that a whole host of classifications (including the MRT, MRI techs & Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) were going to be affected potentially through JJE due to education changes implemented at (Canadian) education institutions. The Unions requested provincial job reviews so as to…

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Virtual Town Hall Follow Up Part Four

As I write this, we are in the middle of Health Care Providers week and I couldn’t help thinking about all of the opportunities I’ve had to talk with members over the past days, months and years… I have toured RUH with our tradesmen; I have received a primer on labs in the old Moose Jaw hospital; I have had lunch with a number of Continuing Care Assistants; I have lobbied with Licensed Practical Nurses; I have walked through dietary departments in transition; I have talked for hours with Environmental Service workers; I have asked a million questions of cardio techs and sleep lab techs; I have tried to understand the ‘voodoo’ that is scheduling with our schedulers; and I have recently heard from a whole bunch of our members who are experiencing retention and recruitment issues in diagnostic imaging… for everyone in between, we have thought about you, fought for you, lobbied with you and done our best to ensure that you know you are incredibly important to our union, to our health care system and to our province.

President’s Message: Op-Ed – Health Care Provider Week

Let’s face it. Working in health care is a job that changes every day. We work with human beings. We are an unpredictable creature. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities, heart ache, and triumph. I invite you to join healthcare workers who have reached out to Minister Reiter and their MLAs that patient first care requires safe staffing. Together let’s show our support to the incredible men and women who put our patients, clients and residents first and call on the Government of Saskatchewan to stop dismantling health care.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Virtual Town Hall Follow Up Part Three

We don’t accept that any cuts or rollbacks; we don’t accept them because it is disrespectful of the incredible work and skill of our front line experts…YOU! If you want to stand against these cuts, if you want to voice your objection, then come to the rally with workers from across the province at the Legislature in Regina on October 25. Register for the bus by going to this link We need your voice, your strength, your solidarity and your continued engagement.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Health Care Bargaining Update

Before we get too far into the update details, we want to salute our members at Leader Hospital and Western Seniors Home in Leader. This week the town of Leader was evacuated because of the grass fires spreading across southwest Saskatchewan due to hurricane force winds. These members assisted with the safe evacuation of residents and patients from Leader to Swift Current. Thank you all for your incredible patience, skill and dedicated efforts in the care of residents of Leader. I would also like to thank the first responders, volunteers, RCMP, firefighters and all those who worked so hard to get the wildfires under control. Thanks to everyone for their dedication in service.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Virtual Town Hall Follow Up Part Two

Part Two: Responding to questions from SEIU-West’s virtual town halls on September 27 & 28, a province wide teleconference for all our SAHO and Extendicare members. The purpose was to provide a status update on provincial health care negotiations with SAHO and our health region employers…

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Virtual Town Hall Follow Up Part One

On September 27 & 28, SEIU-West held a virtual townhall which was a province wide teleconference for all our SAHO and Extendicare members. The purpose was to provide a status update on provincial health care negotiations with SAHO and our health region employers…

President’s Message: Transformational Change – The Mystery surrounding the new Provincial Health Authority

It’s a given that everyone in Saskatchewan will be impacted by ‘the plan’ as we all access health care services at one point or another in our lives. But further to that, this grand experiment also has the potential for setting the standard within other sectors, like education.

Celebrate Nursing Week: May 8-14!

Nursing week gives us a chance to get to know all of the players on our nursing team, how they work to benefit you and your family. We want you to know that behind those scrubs, there are different skills, knowledge and talents working to provide world-class health care to the people of Saskatchewan.

President’s Message: Nursing Week 2017

Licensed Practical Nurses and Continuing Care Aides – vital to health care – essential players in the nursing team.

President’s Message: Cutting Sask Jobs & Services

How will this roll out? At SEIU-West, we know that budget 2017 was just a day (March 22, 2017); however, this day marked a shift in how our government views us and our communities. Premier Wall said that ‘everything is on the table’ to be reviewed for cuts – but that is not what he did; instead, he determined winners and losers and did not show true leadership in sharing this budget crisis across all areas. We do not share this view and we will do our best to continue to build solidarity among our membership and across our sectors and within our labour movement so as to share our collective objection to these decisions. We want to build a strong economy for working people across Saskatchewan and we will continue to offer up solutions that can get us there.

President’s Message: True Solidarity

Life moves pretty fast and we have so many changes coming at us: in our communities, our province, with our families and definitely within our union. We are reaching out to our members, allies, and partners and yes, to employers every day, to keep a close eye on what is happening. Whether it’s the regular work of meetings, grievances, negotiations and workplace safety – or bigger changes that have the potential to affect all of us in both the public and private sectors. This is an opportunity to dig deep to find the meaning of true solidarity and support one another.