Young Workers


The mission of the SEIU-West Young Workers Committee is to engage and unite young union members to become more active and knowledgeable in the labour movement.

Our goal is to mobilize young workers across Saskatchewan to become leaders and activists for social change within their unions and communities at large.

Through support, unity and encouragement, we help develop skills for young worker leadership today.

Community Involvement:

Involvement from the Young Workers’ Committee in the community is a priority because it is an opportunity to meet the people we live with and work for. Unions have a strong relationship to their communities, and it is important to have Young Workers present. Our committee will strive to ensure a presence at both urban and rural solidarity events, such as: Labour Day events, Sidewalk Day festivals, and Homecomings.

We also get to show them that union members contribute to vibrant communities.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Young Workers’ Committee Brochure

Committee C0-Chairs:
Bryce Kovatch, Moose Jaw Extendicare – 306.533-3645
Janell Kachuik, St. Joseph/Foyer – 306.640.9994

Committee Members:
Hailey Johnson
Davie Lowtan
Arianna Boehm
Brittney Servetnyk
Kayla Howat
Kristen Chilson

Young Workers Present: Shining A Light On…Service Animals

In an effort to enhance awareness around service animals, Young Worker Committee (YWC) member Brittney, interviewed her sister Bobbi, who is visually impaired and requires the use of a Seeing Eye dog.

2018 SEIU-West Young Workers Conference – Registration Now Open!

Each year, participants of the SEIU-West Young Workers Conference give raving reviews – you won’t want to miss it! The 2018 SEIU-West Young Workers Conference will be held on August 20-21, 2018. The registration deadline is July 8, 2018!

Resilience and Women: Elmwood Group Homes Support Workers

Resilience and Women is a timely topic for our communities and union. At Elmwood Group Homes (EGH), the majority of the Support Workers taking job action are women, and many are women of colour. We must therefore recognize that their struggle is not only an issue of fairness, it’s a gendered and racial issue as well.

SFL: Youth Activity Coordinator (YAC) Application

Our preference is to employ, as YACs, 6 young people who have previously attended our Summer Camp – striving to achieve gender balance. The age requirement for a YAC is at least 18 years of age as of the 2018 Camp, some exceptions have been made for 17 year old applicants. We have sent this letter to as many past campers as we can locate. If you know of someone who has not attended our Camp and is interested in this opportunity, please feel free to pass the information on to them.

CLC/UWCC Post-Secondary Scholarship Opportunity

Young workers today are facing many social and workplace issues. However, many have taken these challenges as an opportunity to create positive change, and impact their communities for the better. This scholarship is offered in recognition of the efforts and commitment of young workers across Canada who have demonstrated commitment to positively impacting social and workplace issues in their community.

SFL Summer Student Employment Opportunity: Special Project Coordinator

Pending funding approval from the Human Resources and Development Canada, the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour anticipates a temporary opening for a Special Project Coordinator to be filled mid-May by a post-secondary or community college student. This position will be for a period of three to four months.

Leadership Report Cards: Young Workers Meet With SK Leader Hopefuls

By clicking on the pictures below, you can access that candidate’s report card. The YWC hopes these reports will help SEIU-West members in determining who they think is the best fit to lead our province.

2017 Year in Review!

What’s one word to describe our SEIU-West experiences in 2017? Engaging. While our SEIU-West family faced many new challenges, we also had a lot of fun as more and more members became active in our union. As we approach a new year, let’s revisit some of the highlights and memorable events we shared together in 2017:

December 10 – Human Rights Day

SEIU-West is a member driven union which means our members decide what to do to create a more just workplace and society. Members use the resources of our union to assist in their endeavours and have enjoyed some great accomplishments!

Unpaid Leave Is Not Enough – Sign the Petition to Ensure Paid Leave for Survivors of Domestic Violence!

The Saskatchewan government passed legislation that would allow workers to access 10 unpaid days of work as a result of domestic violence. SEIU-West has mixed feelings about this step. While it is a step in the right direction and we are certainly proud of the efforts of our Young Workers Committee, PATHS and the SFL, it does not come close to what is required to support survivors of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Affects the Workplace: Poster

Please use the below poster to download and post on your union bulletin board!

Ticket Giveaway to Dorie’s House Fundraiser!

The SEIU-West Young Workers are giving away tickets to the “Concert in the Sky Fundraiser” to support Dorie’s House, a non-profit emergency shelter for youth. Enter to win!

Labour Day: SEIU-West Young Workers Feature

Check out the Labour Day report on SEIU-West young workers!

SEIU-West Young Workers Conference 2017 & Rally to Repeal the Budget!

Check out the pictures from the 2017 Young Workers Conference and Rally to Repeal the Budget!

PATHS: Donations Welcome!

Due to our close relationship with PATHS and their incredible efforts to make our communities safer, we encourage SEIU-West members to make a donation in order to support those who suffer from domestic violence. Click here for their 2017 Wish List – we hope you can bring a requested item (or two!) to any SEIU-West office – we will be collecting donations until September 5, 2017

Join the Rally to Repeal the Budget!

The SEIU-West Young Workers Committee invites you to attend the Rally to Repeal the Budget! Together, we deplore the decision-making of the Saskatchewan Government to cut valuable services for the sake of their corporate friends and at the expense of our communities. The Saskatchewan Government must be held to account for their brutal 2017/18 Budget.

Submission: Consultation on Interpersonal Violence and Employment Leaves

SEIU-West was invited by the Minister of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety to participate in the consultation process on interpersonal violence and the impact in the workplace. SEIU-West’s Young Worker Committee (YWC) has worked tirelessly with other allies in the community, including the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and Provincial Association of Transition Houses & Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS) to raise public awareness about domestic violence. Together, we see the need for improved workplace safety and secure funding for those agencies who provide necessary community supports for the victims of domestic violence.

Join an SEIU-West Committee: Deadline Fast Approaching!

SEIU-West Committees keep us at the forefront of the Labour movement in Canada, and provide an excellent opportunity for members to learn from each other. Committee members serve for two years, and we have now approached the end of a two-year term so we are requesting SEIU-West members and all current committee members to submit their Expressions of Interest should they wish to serve or remain on committees.

Bill 604

The SEIU-West Young Workers Committee (YWC) has worked hard with community and labour groups to lobby the provincial government to ensure job security for victims of domestic violence. Legislation that supports victims of domestic violence has already been supported by governments in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Join an SEIU-West Committee!

SEIU-West Committees keep us at the forefront of the Labour movement in Canada, and provide an excellent opportunity for members to learn from each other. Committee members serve for two years, and we have now approached the end of a two-year term so we are requesting SEIU-West members and all current committee members to submit their Expressions of Interest should they wish to serve or remain on committees.