Spotlight on Support Workers: Colleen

Spotlight on Support Workers is a way for you to get to know the hardworking people – mainly women – who provide support to Elmwood Group Homes (EGH) residents who are unable to fully care for themselves.

Colleen is a Support Worker at EGH who has multiple trainings under her belt in order to provide the best support to residents – hear what she has to say in her own words:Colleen

I love getting to know the residents and helping them to be independent. I especially enjoy when I go to any of the group homes and the residents are always so happy to see me.

I usually work evenings and weekends so I help with residents I getting home from work, prepping and cooking meals, cleaning dishes, bathing, driving, laundry, administering medication, personal care, progress notes, staying with residents while in the hospital, and taking them to appointments – to name just a few responsibilities of our work.

Without a pay increase in 4 years, I’m finding it extremely difficult to keep up with the cost of living – I even have a second job and still struggle. In the past 2 years I’ve had to take a lot more hours just to get ahead. It’s very upsetting that our employer does not value us as people or as Support Workers for a large group of people who benefit from our work.

Take a stand for fairness with Support Workers like Colleen – send a letter of support today!

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