Spread the Word: Info-Picket for EGH Support Workers!

Support Workers at Elmwood Group Homes are frustrated by their employer’s inability to negotiate a fair wage increase, so they are increasing the pressure by withdrawing further non-vital transportation service. Please support their efforts by joining  their info-picket on Thursday, March 15 from 12:00-2:00pm at the intersection of Louise Street and Preston Ave South in Saskatoon, near an Elmwood Group Home. All are welcome!

Signs and leaflets are provided, as well as hot chocolate! We hope to see you there, and spread the word!IMG_1903

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To hear about how four years without a pay increase affects Support Workers, hear what Ellyne has to say:

I alongside many of my colleagues, work multiple jobs. This limits my time and ability to care for myself as needed. The fact that we haven’t had a raise in 4 years results in a real pay cut because cost of living has increased but my wages haven’t. I have more knowledge, experience and value now than 4 years ago, and am being paid less. How is this fair?

We know it’s not fair. That’s why we ask that you join the info-picket and send a letter of support today!


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