Letter to the Editor: Proposed wage cuts create worry

I worry about the 3.5 per cent cut to wages that the government is trying to impose on public service workers.

I work as an environmental service worker in a hospital. Infection control is my daily goal — care must be provided in a safe and clean environment. We already have too few people to do this kind of work.

My salary is not even close to a MLA salary. I am a mother of two kids; one is in high school and the other is in university. The proposed wage cut would be a big problem for my family — life is already unaffordable. I find it insulting that the Sask Party is trying to pay for their budget shortfall by taking money away from hard working health care workers.

Laarni Cantuba (member of SEIU-West)


Published in The Star Phoenix, January 8, 2018

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