Win of the Week – December 24-30

We ratified an agreement with Potters after just one day of negotiations! Our membership voted in favor of the tentative agreement with a strong mandate of 86%.

We secured a wage increase of almost 13% over 5 years. That translates to about $6000 per year by the end of the contract. The bargaining climate was positive: the employer didn’t present a proposal package, so negotiations were based on SEIU-West’s starting proposal.

We obtained better language on temporary performance of higher duties: you used to need 5 consecutive days of higher duties to qualify for higher pay, but now higher pay will kick in after 3 days. Further, as long as you perform that job 10 days in 60, the clock doesn’t restart.

After years of being unwilling to budge on classification issues, the employer saw the need for a process to review classifications and enable workers to move up the job ladder. Under the new deal, there will be a system to progress through classifications, and the union and the employer will get together and reviews classifications every year.

This new collective agreement also created language for a union bulletin board at the worksite and better language on vacation accrual. Interpretation documents were created for clearer understanding on a process to work out issues.

SEIU-West represents workers in the allied/industrial sector, as well as in healthcare, education, and community based organizations. Potters crushes glass into beads used throughout North America in industrial applications such as industrial chemicals and making paint for highway markings.

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