Member of Distinction – Summer/Fall 2017

Our Member of Distinction this Month is Ashley Day!

Ashley Day


Ashley Day is a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) in the Saskatoon Health Region. She always knew she wanted to help people, work in health care, and make a difference.

As a MLT, Ashley tests blood samples in order to ensure that patients receive compatible blood products. This involves much more than just picking the same ABO/ Rh groups (i.e. O negative blood).

Samples must go through a screening process to determine if the patient has any unnatural or unexpected antibodies from previous transfusions or pregnancies. A patient can react to about 30 different antigens that are carried in human blood. This makes some patients’ compatibility solution a true puzzle to solve.

Another part of Ashley’s job is to provide lifesaving clotting factors for hemophiliacs and other people with clotting disorders.

On top of being a professional and dedicated MLT, Ashley is a mother of 18 month old twin boys and she still finds time to keep the pressure on our provincial government to reverse their harmful budget decisions.

Ashley wrote an eloquent letter to our Premier that demonstrated the value of all members of the health care team. We commend Ashley for demonstrating her passion for quality public health care services and for taking a stand for workers’ rights. Congratulations Ashley!

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