Rise Up Moose Jaw! FREE BBQ & Rally September 19

Join us for a FREE BBQ and rally at the old SaskTel Building in Moose Jaw, located at 83 Ominica Street West (corner of Ominica Street West and 1st Avenue NW) on Tuesday, September 19. The BBQ will begin at 11:30am, followed by an Own It! rally where SEIU-West Vice-President, Neil Colmin, among others will be speaking. Be sure to share widely and invite your networks! You can join the Facebook event here.



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The Saskatchewan Government is demanding local communities pay for their financial mistakes. But why should a Continuing Care Assistant or Educational Assistant be forced to take a pay cut while the government gives away millions through new corporate tax cuts?

We often hear MLAs defend the corporate tax cut because it will attract more business to Saskatchewan. But what about attracting those who work in health care and education? Health care and education are the foundations of safe and healthy communities – if we don’t ensure fair pay with good working conditions, how can we recruit and retain these important providers?

The Saskatchewan Government is setting local communities up for a fall by asking workers to take wage rollbacks and freezes. A rollback on any worker is a rollback on our local grocery store, our local hardware store, and our local pharmacy because workers won’t be able to spend as much in our local economies. Not only does our Saskatchewan Government want to sell out public sector workers but they also want to sell off further public assets and revenue-generating Crowns.

That’s why we must rise up and say no to these attacks on our local communities, our local jobs, and our public services! We’ve already reversed the cuts to libraries, health-funded Community-Based Organizations, and part of the funeral assistance funding – but we must keep our momentum going to stop ALL the cuts.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, September 19!

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