Letter to the Editor: Struggling with the lack of empathy

Written by SEIU-West member Lois Camacho, published in the Star Phoenix on April 11, 2017.

Struggling with the lack of empathy

Anyone else lost all confidence in our provincial government? Families and workers are getting hit from all sides due to the recent overwhelming provincial budget cuts to service and tax hikes. We are losing good jobs in many communities at the hand of our government. One MLA was quoted as saying ‘we have too many libraries.’ Government’s disrespect for higher learning is further demonstrated by cuts to funding in both K-12 education and our universities. Families who have children with special needs are losing much-needed resources (that we previously thought were scarce) and seniors have been hit hard with a loss of services like the STC and a huge increase in costs for long term care.

It is worrisome that our government is so uncaring about the people who put them in their MLA seats. It is troubling that our new one provincial health region model will give added control to the Minister of Health and cabinet. This means that communities will lose more services, our costs out-of-pocket will grow as our government focuses upon off-loading their responsibility to the people in favour of higher cost private-for-profit options.

As a health care provider, what concerns me most is how all of these changes will affect our patients, residents and clients. I am devastated by the lack of empathy and concern our government has displayed to the people of Saskatchewan. As a health care provider, my job is to care, but I feel more and more that I am being pushed not to care. They can’t have it both ways. It really feels they are taking us giant steps backward.

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