Member of Distinction – Winter/Spring 2017

Our Member of Distinction this Month is Kyle Stratton!

Kyle has worked as a Security Officer for Saskatoon Health Region for three years. Early this winter, Kyle and his fellow officers, Leo and Hailey, received a page to go to the Emergency Department. A patient had left the hospital in a vulnerable condition. As per their usual procedure, the officers divided up in their search. Kyle came across this distraught patient submerged in the South Saskatchewan River. He was able to calm them down while he waited for his back-up officers to arrive.

Once Leo and Hailey were on the scene, they immediately called 911 to send help. Before EMS arrived, Kyle faced having to enter the river himself to save this patient. With no hesitation or thought of his own well-being, Kyle was able to bring the patient to the safety of the river bank.

Two weeks later, no one was more surprised than Kyle to hear that the patient he had rescued had brought a thank you note and muffins to the security office. The patient explained that they had received the treatment they needed and was so thankful that Kyle, Leo and Hailey had been there for them.

Kyle’s actions have led to a nomination for the Royal Canadian Humane Association Award for Bravery. His name was also submitted for the Governor General of Canada Award for Bravery.

Congratulations Kyle on this incredible act of bravery!

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