MEDIA RELEASE: Standing Up for Victims of Abuse

For Immediate Release – March 15, 2017

Regina – Members of SEIU-West are proud to stand in support of a new Bill that will help workers who are experiencing domestic violence.

“Domestic violence follows victims to their workplace and this Bill is one step closer to ensuring workers and those around them are protected at work,” said Terrilyn St. Amour, member of the SEIU-West Young Workers Committee. “We must create supportive work environments for victims of domestic violence, and that means paid leave.”

SEIU-West remains committed to the belief that those who are victims of domestic violence should not be further victimized at work.

“Financial stability and job security are vital rebuilding blocks for victims of domestic violence as they may need time away from their job to seek safety away from abusers and escape the relationships,” said Barbara Cape, President of SEIU-West.

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of domestic violence by intimate partners out of all the provinces. The new Bill will ensure that workers have a job to go back to in the event they need to take a leave to escape a violent situation at home.

“Manitoba has already passed similar legislation and it is time we catch up,” added Cape. “Our Young Worker Committee promotes the view that we must move beyond the idea that domestic violence is ‘nobody’s business’ – it is a critical issue that must be addressed publicly.”

Under current health and safety provisions of The Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA), it is the employers’ responsibility to ensure safe workplaces.

“I am so proud of our Young Worker Committee members,” continued Cape. “They were an integral part of the lobbying efforts which included their online petition. It is through their ongoing efforts that we are able to share in the announcement of this new Bill to address the issue of domestic violence and job security.”

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MEDIA RELEASE: Standing Up for Victims of Abuse

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