LTE: Transformational Change and You

Submitted by Martin Been, SEIU-West member – published January 14, 2017 in the Star Phoenix

Is anyone asking what Transformational Change is? I think it is a term invented by our current Saskatchewan Government with the intent to give the tax paying public a warm fuzzy feeling that they are doing things in the best interest of the people of Saskatchewan. Who is fooled by that? Not me.

In reality, the concept of Transformational Change will digress into little more than a magic show; once all the smoke and mirrors are over we will realize all that has been unveiled is budget cuts and reduced services. Health services, long ago deemed necessary, or rather essential, are and will likely erode and disappear. Your taxes are being frivolously diverted away from public health care, and the services you require may hereafter need to be paid out of your pocket; we already see this occurring with the private/public two for one MRI scans. Why not expand the number of publicly delivered MRI’s and clean up the long wait times? This would eliminate many people from jumping the queue strictly because they have the resources to pay.

It’s easier to create this two tiered anomaly which, if nobody protests will eventually become the norm. All the while our public services are losing much-needed resources and our public access is reduced.

I urge you, the people of Saskatchewan, to talk to your MLA, speak to any level of Government or the Opposition. Ask questions, become informed on Transformational Change and how the process will effect you and your community — share your concerns now before it is too late.

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