Member of Distinction – Fall/Winter 2016

Debbie Cossette is a Continuing Care Assistant in Moose Jaw. One of our members (Carol) felt so touched by Debbie that she wrote this story:

My parents were both hospitalized at the same time. My father passed away, without my 96 year mother at his side. Mom nearly succumbed to her illness two days later. She improved and was moved from the hospital to a transition bed to continue her recovery.

This time was very hard for Mom. She was ill herself, her husband had passed away, and everything she knew – from who was going to care for her, to where she was going to live – was going to change dramatically. She was confused, scared, small and fragile.

Enter Debbie. She treated Mom like she was her own mother. She comforted Mom in her grief and assured her she was going to be alright. She helped us by ensuring that Mom could attend my Dad’s funeral. She cared for her so gently in everything, from moving her in her bed, to getting her into her wheelchair, or helping her with dressing or toileting necessities. She held her hand, and reached out to her, hugged her and even explained the things that were happening to us all.

I spent a lot of time with Mom at the lodge. I couldn’t have asked for better hands to leave Mom in than in the hands of Debbie. When I was anxious about how she was going to do, my mind was put to rest if I knew Debbie was on shift.

Mom was blessed to receive such good care in such a hard time, as were we, her family. I would like to see Debbie receive a thank you and a pat on the back for being such a great caregiver.

Congratulations Debbie and thank you for all you do!



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