Win of the Week! December 4-10

December 4-10: A grievance was filed in a health region after an SEIU-West member was moved from housekeeping to laundry – the employer said they could do this as a temporary assignment. SEIU-West won at step three in the grievance procedure – our member was paid double time for the entire shift!

How? SEIU-West argued that a move to another department constituted a change of shift (under which the member needs to be paid double-time). The employer tried to argue that under temporary work assignment workers could be moved around, however this was a move to another department. SEIU-West argued that the move from one department to another constituted a change of shift so the member needed to be paid double-time for all hours. The employer agreed to pay double-time for the shift, and has made a ‘with prejudice’ statement (means it can’t happen again!) that temporary work assignment can only be used within departments. Your union has your back!


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