Bargaining Bulletin No. 3: Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division

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Bargaining Bulletin No. 3: Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

Coming out of last week’s membership meetings, we are pleased to advise that your Bargaining Team going into this round of negotiations will be:

  • Patti Langedahl, Chairperson – Education Assistant, Weyburn
  • Bonita Brenner – Caretaker, Estevan
  • Kerri Boyd – Bus Driver, Weyburn
  • Maureen Jackiw – Admin Assistant, Estevan
  • Armond Hauglum – Caretaker, Midale
  • Rob Schultz – Carpenter, Weyburn

The Alternates, in order, are: Larry Wereschuk and Johanna Tiefenbach. As we said at the meetings, if anyone from the Bargaining Team is unable for any reason to complete the term, we will move the Alternates up to fulfill the obligation.

Also at the meetings, we discussed the issues that you had submitted for consideration as proposals as well as additional issues that had not been previously submitted in response to the questionnaire. The Bargaining Team will meet sometime over the summer months to work on the language for the proposals package.

We will schedule membership meetings to allow you a first look at our package before we present it to the Employer. These meetings will need to be held early in September if we want to get a somewhat quick start on bargaining. Over the summer, please watch your email for any possible announcement of meeting dates. As in the last round, we would prefer that any communication with you concerning negotiations be directed to your home email addresses so please ensure that your Unit Communicator, Holly Keith, has that information.

Your Bargaining Team thanks you for taking the time out last week to attend our meetings and participate in this important democratic activity. The Team appreciates your participation and support.

Your participation in your Union makes the Union strong.

In solidarity,

SEIU-West/South East Cornerstone Unit Executive
Patti Langedahl (Unit Chair) * Holly Keith * Tammy Siebert * Kerrie Boyd
Staff: Rebecca Kram (Union Representative) * Kerry Barrett (Negotiations Officer)

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