Member Update no. 5: Meadow Lake Associate Clinic

May 6, 2016

We Provide Your Health Care – Help Us Secure Ours

SEIU-West and the members of the Meadow Lake Associates Clinic Bargaining committee continue to work to secure a fair collective bargaining agreement and maintain a strong bargaining unit for the women working in the Meadow Lake Clinic.

Support Meadow Lake!

Support Meadow Lake!

On the 26th of April your committee and representatives from the SEIU-West staff met with representatives of the PNRHA and SAHO to discuss their “exploratory offer” to resolve collective bargaining and achieve a collective agreement. The PNRHA agreed to meaningfully participate in this meeting which shows that the pressure you and your community have applied through solidarity and determination works. While the offer was not all we had hoped for, we believe it demonstrates very significant progress and showed that the PNRHA and SAHO have heard the members loud and clear and are taking you seriously. Your committee analyzed the offer carefully and made a counter offer. We are now waiting for the response from PNRHA. We believe that we are at the last steps before being able to bring something to the membership that is worth serious consideration.

SEIU-West’s representatives have also attended the first day of hearings at the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board held on the 5th of May. These hearings will determine, finally, who is truly responsible as the Employer for the women working in the Meadow Lake Clinic. Our goal in these hearings is to make sure that the final outcome, whatever it may be, respects and defends the rights that our members working in the Meadow Lake Clinic bargaining unit have earned through their years of patient and dedicated service both in the clinic and on the front line in the fight for fairness. The board convenes again on the 20th of May to continue hearing the case. Updates will be provided as soon as they are available.

In Solidarity,

The SEIU-West Meadow Lake Associate Clinic Bargaining Committee: Bonnie Schwingenschloegl, Kyla Sheppard, Kim Neufeld, Cam McConnell (Negotiations Officer), & Rhonda Stewart (Staff Representative)

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