Member of Distinction – Winter/Spring 2016

We are pleased to recognize Vanessa Spencer as our Member of Distinction! You may recognize her from our recent television, billboard and transit ads. Vanessa participated in her first SEIU-West training in February of 2014.



This session gave her the basic knowledge to begin representing members in the workplace. Since then, Vanessa has taken additional training to assist her in meeting with management. Vanessa has also become a trained union facilitator.

But it was the Together we Strive for Fairness Conference that lit a fire in her. Now Vanessa participates in many political activities. This past fall, she was a volunteer on Sheri Benson’s successful Federal election campaign and this spring, she is actively promoting the SEIU-West Purple Votes campaign within our membership.

How did she accomplish all of this in two short years? It easy! Vanessa has always been driven by a need to serve others and is active in her community. Not only does she volunteer with the Knights of Columbus, she is also a Public Relations Officer/Organizer for the Filipino Canadian Seniors Association where she coordinates events and raises funds. Her energy and motivation seems endless. Congratulations Vanessa!


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