Member of Distinction Summer/Fall 2015

Brenda Berry is a seasoned member who works as a CCA at Central Butte Regency Manor. Having already represented her coworkers for nine years, she is currently the Unit Chair in Central Butte and is one of our new SEIU-West Executive Board members.



Brenda brings fresh ideas to her unit to keep members interested. She has held many meetings over the years including pizza, pot-luck, and barbeque (I sense a theme here). Brenda has implemented a “Cookie” award in her unit. Occasionally, she pins a cookie on the union bulletin board. The first member who finds it gets to keep the cookie and gets a small prize, an ingenious way to keep members checking out union information. She strives to keep members informed about issues that matter and promotes our union for all the good work it does.

Brenda and her unit held a well-attended barbeque for their Central Butte community. Members also helped clean up some trash to show that ‘Purple Works in Our Communities.’ As a result of their show of community spirit, Brenda and her unit were asked to help out at a family fun night hosted by the Central Butte Early Childhood Education parent’s organization.

Way to go Brenda! You’ve shown everyone that our union is a vibrant part of the community.

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