Letter to the Editor: Long-Term Pain

By Dennel Pickering, The Star Phoenix, January 27th 2015 

I recently attended a Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives discussion about the privatization of laundry services in Saskatchewan.

I knew it was going to be sad to hear about the living wage jobs that soon will be lost, but I left sick with worry.

The loss of quality was discussed, where we no longer have control over the quality of laundry services. For example, clean and dirty hospital linen can be shipped in the same truck.

Redistribution of wealth?

Well, I’m almost used to the idea that corporations have everything and workers have very little and that it’s getting worse.

What shocked me the most was that we, the public, don’t have access to the contract between the government and Kbro. What clauses are in there that will cost us in the long run?

Dismantling the public service by hiring a lowball bidder could mean that in a few years, the Alberta company could jack up the costs significantly and we end up paying more for decreased quality, corporation-controlled, poverty wage jobs in our province. Why is this OK with our government?

Dennel Pickering


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Long-Term Pain 

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