2015 SFL Spring School

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) Spring School being held in Humboldt, Saskatchewan from April 26 to May 1, 2015.  The Education Committee will be sponsoring up to six (6) delegates and the Aboriginal Committee 20150127-Spring-School-Memowill be sponsoring one (1) additional delegate to attend.

SEIU-West will cover registration costs, lost wages, travel costs and meal expenses for those who are selected to attend.

Anyone interested in attending this school is asked to:

In order to allow the committees to complete the registration and selection process, both forms must be completed and received in the SEIU-West Saskatoon office on or before March 20, 2015.

Forward your completed forms to:

Judy Denniss, Chair, SEIU-West Education Committee

Sabrina Fullawka, Chair, SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee

#200 – 747 – 46th Street W.
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 6A1

Fax:  306-652-1392

Delegates attending the school will be asked to submit a brief report to the SEIU-West Executive Board through the Education/Aboriginal Committee Chairs following the completion of the event.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

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