Remembrance Day

SEIU-West members wish to send a message of solidarity and gratitude to our fallen soldiers and respected veterans.

“For those who were killed in battle,

For those who gave up their lives to save others

For those who fought because they were forced to,

For those who died standing up for a just cause

For those who said war was wrong,

For those who tried to make the peace

For those who prayed when others had no time to pray

For those creatures who needlessly die

For those trees that needlessly are slaughtered

For all of humankind” – Marianne Griffin

From this day forward, let us hope that our brothers and sisters around the world can live their lives in peaceful times, and that each one of us takes a moment of silence on November 11 to pause and reflect upon those that gave and risked their lives. For it is important to remember that “in war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” – Jose Narosky.

We encourage you to attend a Remembrance Day service. For communities not listed, please check with your local Legion.  We have also listed a resource that helps you connect with Canadian veterans and their need for advocacy as well as a YouTube video featuring veterans and their struggles at home.

Royal Canadian Legion

Veteran’s Affairs Office Closures

Canadian Veterans Advocacy 

Regina: Remembrance Day Ceremonies 

Saskatoon: Remembrance Day Ceremonies 


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