Sunshine in Home Care

In December, the Staff Representative for Saskatoon Home Care, Ivette Gonzalez, approached the Political Action & Education Department regarding the ongoing concerns of many members in this unit who were feeling over-worked, under-valued and frustrated by their day-to-day work activities. The department got in touch with the Unit Chair and a member of the local’s Political Action Committee to see if there was anything we could do to help our members working in this Unit.


We came up with a survey that would help to focus, even if just for a moment, on what they do in home care and why they do it.

We compiled their answers and what was revealed was an overwhelming amount of warm-hearted sentiments towards the clients, towards each other and also a solid regard for the work they do. In reading through all the thoughts and stories, we really felt that our department got to know this unit as a group. We were motivated to show off home care in a different way.

Using the shape of the sun that was on the survey, we created what is known as a “tag cloud”. The sun is created from the words that came up the most often in the survey responses. If you look closely, you will notice that some of the rays and core of the sun are special phrases that were plucked out of the responses. A poster has been made for Saskatoon Home Care workers so that it will remind them of how important their work is to their community and the clients they care for in their homes, as well as the sunshine they bring to their world each day.

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