Family Day

Did you know that Saskatchewan has more public holidays than the other provinces and we have the most generous vacation provisions? This has come about over the years by the passing of progressive labour legislation which is often led by the labour movement and then proclaimed by government.

family day

In 2006, Bill 1 was introduced to the Legislature by the NDP government. Supported through the Department of Labour’s Work and Family Unit, the government stated in their February 16, 2017 news release that:

“Regular public holidays enhance people’s ability to create better work-family balance…”

The News release goes on to say:

“Research shows that healthy work and family balance also helps employers, by making staff recruitment easier, increasing retention rates, decreasing absenteeism, and strengthening commitments to place of work.” 

Then Premier, Lorne Calvert added:

“Since Saskatchewan announced this new holiday; other provinces have expressed their interest in following suit. Obviously, this is an idea that resonates with people across the country and is yet one more example of our province leading the way.”

Unfortunately the Department of Labour’s Work and Family Unit has since been dismantled.
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Poster: Family Day 2014

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