SEIU-West/SAHO Bargaining Update No. 26 Addendum

The SEIU-West Bargaining Update #26 identified that the Government set out a further condition which created a roadblock to reaching a tentative agreement. This addendum will provide you with additional information.

We have reported previously that the Government has demanded concessions from each Union to conclude collective bargaining. For SEIU-West, the concession was changes to LOU #8, and we were successful in negotiating an acceptable resolve to include in our tentative agreement. CUPE & SGEU have not had the same success. Their concession is around the penalty the Employer is obligated to pay to members who were, in error, not scheduled for regular or overtime work when they were available. The proposed concession is that all members would now have to work another regular or overtime shift in order to be paid for the missed shift. This is a huge issue.

Now, the Government has demanded that all Unions, if and when they go to their membership with a tentative agreement, have to recommend acceptance of that tentative agreement, although it could contain language that the Unions find offensive. Notwithstanding the issue of the legality of the Government’s demand, the Unions struggle with how to recommend a deal that contains language that their membership has indicated is not acceptable. You may recall that in our last round of bargaining, all the Unions took our tentative agreements to our membership without a recommendation and let our members decide how to vote.

Our understanding is that our coalition partners have additional concerns regarding their proposed tentative memorandum of agreements, but we recognize the recommendation piece is the roadblock.

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