Article: Elder care cost nightmare looms

√The provincial government clearly deserves praise for its frank report on nursing home care, but the document omitted some information vital to this debate. Certainly, the warts-andall report that emerged from notes compiled by health district chief executive officers who toured all the province’s nursing homes was honest and compelling. Stories of seniors having to wait three or four hours for breakfast after being awoken at 5:30 a.m., or left to soil themselves in adult diapers because of staffing shortages, were both gripping and disheartening. Those who built Saskatchewan deserve better. But if meeting seniors’ needs is a herculean challenge today, it will be many times larger with the inflationary costs of health care in aging nursing homes that are about to get even more overcrowded with geriatric baby boomers. Today’s stopgap measures won’t do the trick…

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Elder care cost nightmare looms

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Elder care cost nightmare looms

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