Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Workshop

The anti-harassment and anti-bullying workshop is a new internal training program for our unit elected leaders as well as our occupational health and safety committee members.

Objectives for this course are for participants to learn and understand:

  • The definitions of inappropriate behaviour that constitute harassment as defined in legislation;
  • The difference between Harassment and Bullying;
  • The effect of Workplace Bullying; and
  • The role of the Union in these situations;

stop-the-bully-find-a-solutionThe course is designed so that participants will learn the difference between harassment and bullying and understand the negative effects of bullying on both the individual and the entire workplace. Participants will learn and understand the role of the union in these types of situations.

The legislation on harassment and bullying is clear. The employer is responsible to ensure a harassment free workplace and all workers/supervisors/managers are to conduct themselves in a manner which does not demean, humiliate or harm others.

We are hopeful that by providing this training, our SEIU-West leadership will be able to identify harassment and bullying type behaviour and assist in making sure all of our members are treated with respect and dignity.

Please speak with your Unit Chairperson if you are interested in this training opportunity.

Workshops are being offered on the following dates:

Date: Location:
October 15, 2013 Saskatoon
October 16, 2013 Saskatoon
October 21, 2013 Moose Jaw
October 22, 2013 Moose Jaw
October 23, 2013 Swift Current
October 24, 2013 Swift Current
November 4, 2013 Kindersley

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