Happy Nurses Week – May 6 – 12, 2013

Qualities that Define a Good Health Care Provider

Before you choose to be a Health Care Provider, it is very important for you to understand who you are as an individual. Why? Because this profession is extremely demanding both physically and mentally.

Being a Health Care Provider is not a desk job. Physical pressures include: dealing with emergency cases, on-call duties, extended working hours, and working days, evenings, nights and weekends. One needs to be on their toes, aiding the need of the patients and their families.

nurses-prayerMentally you have to deal with emotional situations of the patients and their families; giving them constant moral support, attending to their need to be heard and comforted, and being an advocate for the patient with the doctor and care team. A Health Care Provider is a caregiver who makes the connection between the doctor, patient and the patient’s family. In case of serious illnesses there will be issues like anger, frustration, pain and agony which must be dealt with calmly through all the chaos.

Member-Profiles-01-10-NeilIn addition to being mentally composed and physically strong, a Health Care Provider should be compassionate, professional and dedicated. A Health Care Provider comes across people who are dealing with trauma – both physically and mentally – on a daily basis. These people are looking for comfort and healing. A Health Care Provider is the one who understands their miseries and comforts them even in their darkest hour.

Providing compassionate care for patients, clients and residents includes having good communication skills, and being adaptable to change. When it comes to communication, especially in health care, it is more than talking to a patient. It is being a good listener. By listening to the needs of the patients and communicating those needs to the family and the other members of the health care team, it helps to form a bond of mutual trust and reliance.

Member-Profiles-21-30-NEW10This skill needs to be developed and maintained even in the dynamic of the working environment of the healthcare sector. A Health Care Provider must be alert, observant and must adapt to change well because each day is different from the other. Every patient has different needs, and will need different ways to help them cope.

Change is not limited to the day-to-day activities in the workplace. With continuous discovery of new illnesses, medicines and development in health care technology, professionals like ourselves need to update and adapt ourselves continuously with the times; a successful Health Care Provider needs to be willing to learn on an ongoing basis.

Perhaps the most important quality of a great Health Care Provider is their willingness to provide a healing touch. A career in healthcare is satisfying only if the need to comfort others is more important than the need to remain in your comfort zone. Doing something because it is your passion, makes it not just your job. It makes it your career, your profession.

To all the Health Care Providers of SEIU-West, Happy Nurses Week!

Al Chaisson

Chair of the Nursing Care Committee

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