Report on Bargaining no. 3: Southeast Cornerstone School Division – Unit 1 & 2

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Report on Bargaining no. 3: Southeast Cornerston Unit 1 & 2

Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

This is the third Report on Bargaining for this round of negotiations with your Employer.

Your Bargaining Committees met with the Employer’s representatives again on March 1st.  Meetings on this date were brief once again.  The Employer met with us in the morning to receive our latest response.  They then came back in late afternoon to give us a further position on the outstanding items.   We will review this revised package carefully and respond back to the Employer on March 27th.

We want to report that good progress appears to be coming.  Most of the non-monetary issues have now been addressed and resolved.  Only a few such items remain on the table.  Once these have been resolved the parties will then begin discussion on monetary items (wages and benefits).  At this point we have not tabled any monetary proposals with the employer, nor have they presented anything to us..

Your Committee members have worked very hard to keep the Employer moving forward towards finalizing these Agreements.  When they are completed, we will bring them out for the membership to review and consider before voting on a question of ratification (ie. To accept or, to reject).  There will be two distinct Collective Agreements reached with the Employer – one for Unit 1 and a separate one for Unit 2.

The two Agreements will be almost identical with only minor exceptions to address specific issues related to each work situation.

It is important to note that until the entire Agreement is finalized, ratified and signed, nothing has changed in either workplace.  The previous Agreements, both the Unit 1 Collective Agreement and the Unit 2 Association Agreement remain in effect for the time being.

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, feel free to speak with any of the members of your Bargaining Committee.  Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and very important to us.

In solidarity;

Unit 1                                       Unit 2
Maureen Jackiw, Unit Chairperson Miles Johnston, Unit Chairperson
Brad Hala Armond Hauglum
Kerrie Johnson Ramona Dukart
Patricia Langedahl Keri Forsgren
Bonita Brenner
Jo-Anne Gorgerat

SEIU-West Staff

Don Black, Union Representative

Kerry Barrett, Negotiations Officer



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