REPORT ON BARGAINING No. 8: Revera Retirement Units

Marian Chateau, The Bentley at Saskatoon, and
The Bentley at Yorkton

September 17, 2012

Sisters and Brothers;


You have ratified your new Collective Agreements.

Last week the ratification votes were held for each of the three facilities and each accepted their respective Agreement with solid votes in favour.

Formal notice of the voting results was sent to the Employer on Monday morning. With this notice, all terms and conditions of the new Agreement including, but not limited to the new rates of pay became effective as of approximately 8:30am.

We still need to meet with the Employer one more time to sign the official Collective Agreement. Once the Agreements have been signed they will then be copied and printed for distribution to all the members in the facilities. They will also be posted on our website at For the time being though, copies of the Memorandum of Agreement are available in each of the facilities.

Retroactive pay is now to be calculated at the new hourly rates of pay based upon the hours you have worked since January 1, 2012. This retro pay is to be paid to all employees within the next 30 days on a cheque separate from your regular pay cheque. It is also to be accompanied by a statement explaining the calculation. If you believe the payment you receive is not correct, you should approach your Unit Chair and your local Executive Director and ask for it to be corrected.

If you have any questions about the Agreement or your rights under it, talk with one of the members of your Bargaining Committee or call our Member Resource Centre (MRC). The MRC can answer your questions or refer your call to the appropriate Union Representative. The MRC can be reached by calling 1-888-999-7348, press 1, then either Extension 2226 or 2249.

Thank you for all the support and direction you provided to us over the last many months as we worked to achieve your first Collective Agreements. This was a long hard job but your support and determination made the effort worthwhile.

In solidarity,

Marion Chateau:
Rene Spelliscy, Unit Chair
Joanna Kosskamp
Cheryle Lambie

Bentley at Saskatoon:
Linda Pederson, Unit Chair
Kyleigh Gloeden
Delainie Gloeden

Bentley at Yorkton:
Deborah de Jong, Unit Chair
Karen Pedwell
Eleanor Grandquist

Union Representatives:
Bob Desjarlais – Marian Chateau & Yorkton
Blair McDaid – Saskatoon

Negotiations Officer:
Kerry G. Barrett


For a printable PDF of this update, click on the link below:

Report on Bargaining no. 8: Revera Retirement Units

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