REPORT ON BARGAINING No. 7: Revera Retirement Units

Marian Chateau, The Bentley at Saskatoon, and The Bentley at Yorkton

September 4, 2012

Sisters and Brothers;

Back in July we came out and asked you to accept agreements we had negotiated with your Employers. We thought we had good solid deals with Revera that gave you good protections and benefits. These agreements also managed to set new standards in your industry. We were very proud of what we had achieved and asked you to support and accept these agreements. You did as we asked of you and voted more than 93% in favour.

Unfortunately, the Employer took an almost unprecedented move of refusing to ratify the agreements. This meant we had to go back and address their concerns with the original provisions. As it turned out, their only concern was with the provision of ‘Green Circling’ for those employees whose current hourly rate of pay is above the new rates for their job(s).

This meant that we were required to make changes to the Notes: Placement of Current Employees page. With these changes, those employees who were previously ‘green circled’ will now have their current hourly rate of pay frozen until such time as the new pay rates overtakes them. This is referred to as ‘Red Circling’. We also changed the Notes to provide that all employees, regardless of their status, are placed in the scale based upon their original date of hire instead of their number of working hours.

To provide compensation for the Red Circled employees we were able to negotiate a special Letter of Understanding to be attached to the Collective Agreements. This Letter will provide for annual lump sum payments to top up the employee’s annual earning of the previous year as though they had received the negotiated wage increases.

There are no other changes to any of the provisions and benefits from the Agreements we brought out to you in July. What this does mean, however, is that you must vote again and determine if you will accept these Agreements or not. This second round of ratification meetings are scheduled as follows:

Bentley Saskatoon:
Thursday, September 13th 7:00pm
SEIU-West Office
#200, 747 – 46th Street West

Bentley Yorkton:
Friday, September 14th 7:00pm
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
380 Broadway Street West

Marian Chateau:
Saturday, September 15th 2:30pm
Travelodge Hotel – Windsor Room
4177 Albert Street

Copies of the complete revised tentative agreements have been made available in each facility.

It is vitally important that you come out to the meeting for your facility! This is your opportunity to have input into the direction of your workplace for the next three years. Hear about your tentative agreement and cast your vote.

Additional information about your agreements will be posted on our website at

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your Unit representatives. Your ideas and opinions are important and welcomed.

In solidarity,

Marion Chateau:
Rene Spelliscy
Joanna Kosskamp
Cheryle Lambie

Bentley at Saskatoon:
Linda Pederson
Kyliegh Gloeden
Delainie Gloeden

Bentley at Yorkton:
Deborah de Jong
Karen Pedwell
Eleanor Grandquist

Union Representative:
Bob Desjarlais

Negotiations Officer:
Kerry G. Barrett

For a printable pdf of this update, click on the link below:
Report on Bargaining No. 7: Revera Retirement Units

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