Just the Facts: Summary Offence Ticketing (SOTs)

Are you aware that the Provincial Government is planning some major changes to the way that safety legislation is enforced in Saskatchewan?

With these changes, there is a very real chance that you could be subject to a large fine if proper safety protocols or procedures are not followed in your workplace.

Effective immediately, the Union is advising all members to carefully observe and follow all safety requirements.

These include:

  • wearing personal protective equipment (gowns, gloves, masks, proper footwear);
  • using patient lifts and following TLR; and
  • following all safety rules, even if they have not been enforced in the past.

In other Provinces where they have issued these tickets, the fines to workers are as high as $295.00. Worse yet, if you are named a “repeat offender” the fines can be even higher. The only way to fight a ticket is through the costly court system…at your own expense!

A Special Message to all IN-SCOPE SUPERVISORS:

If you are responsible to supervise others, you may be issued a ticket in addition to them. In Ontario, almost every time a worker is fined, the supervisor gets a ticket as well and 73% of all tickets issued have gone to workers or supervisors.


SEIU-West has sent our submission to the Minister of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety asking him to reconsider this punitive measure. A copy of this is posted on our website: visit www.seiuwest.ca and review the Worker Safety Committee page. We have also asked your employer to partner with us so as to ensure that all workers receive clear communication. We have asked for the appropriate contact info for all SEIU-West representatives on Occupational Health and Safety Committees to facilitate our greater communication with the membership.

We will be updating our website as we obtain more details.


  • Write, call or email the Minister and tell him this is unfair. Tell him that workers should not be bear the personal blame and cost of unsafe staffing levels and a lack of resources in the form of equipment and training.  Contact your MLA as well.
Minister of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety
Mr. Don Morgan (MLA, Saskatoon Southeast)
Phone: 955-4755 (Constituency Office) or
call collect @ 787-5353 (Legislative Assembly)
Email: dmorgan@mla.legassembly.sk.ca and cc your union

Follow all safety rules!

  • Never lift a patient alone or violate TLR. If there are unsafe staffing levels, advise your Manager that you require assistance as soon as possible.  Please complete a Workload Tracking Form and return it to your local union office.  Most importantly, continue to report all injuries and incidents as usual.

Tell your co-workers about this notice.

  • Support each other when taking the time to do your job safely.  Call your Union immediately if you receive any negative feedback from management or co-workers for taking the time to do your job according to safety procedures.

PLEASE remember:

All workers have:

  • The right to know the safety hazards at work – the precautions needed to reduce or eliminate the hazards – all safety training; and
  • The right to participate in the day to day detection, evaluation and reduction of workplace hazards – on your committee, as elected by your peers or appointed by your trade union; and
  • The right to refuse unsafe or unusually dangerous work without fear of repercussions.

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Just the Facts: Summary Offence Ticketing (SOT’s)

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