REPORT ON BARGAINING No. 4: Revera Retirement Units

Marion Chateau, The Bentley at Saskatoon, and The Bentley at Yorkton

April 26, 2012

Sisters and Brothers;

We want to bring you up to speed on the progress being made in getting you your first collective agreements. In our last report, we mentioned that both the Employer and the Union were applying to Labour Relations and Mediation Services Branch for their assistance and the appointment of a Conciliator.

We have received word from the Branch. They have appointed Jim Jeffrey to work with the parties. The Union has been contacted by Mr. Jeffrey and tentative dates have been offered however nothing has yet been confirmed.

Labour Relations Board Hearings

A couple months ago, the Employer filed charges of Unfair Labour Practices against the Union with the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (LRB). The Employer is alleging that the Union refused to bargain in good faith and that we conducted an illegal strike when we sent letters to the residents last fall.

The Union believes these allegations are completely unfounded. We have bargained in good faith as evidenced by the fact that we have concluded all of the non-monetary language of your future agreements.  In regards to our letter writing campaign, such tactics are commonplace in the Labour movement and have never been found to be even remotely considered to be a form of job action as defined by the LRB.

The parties met at the LRB in a pre-hearing at the beginning of April in an effort to informally negotiate a resolution and see the charges withdrawn by the Employer. Unfortunately, as the Employer would not agree to our proposals for resolving the issues, we are now scheduled to go to a full hearing before the Board on May 22 & 23 in Regina. We are confident that after hearing all of our evidence, the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board will find in favour of the Union and dismiss the Employer’s charges in full.

We will continue to keep you abreast of any developments both at the bargaining table and the Labour Relations Board as the issues progress.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your Unit representatives.  Your ideas and opinions are important and welcomed.

In solidarity,

Marion Chateau:

Rene Spelliscy
Joanna Kosskamp
Cheryle Lambie

Bentley at Saskatoon:

Linda Pederson
Kyliegh Gloeden
Delianie Gloeden

Bentley at Yorkton:

Deborah de Jong
Karen Pedwell
Eleanor Grandquist

Union Representative:

Bob Desjarlais

Negotiations Officer:

Kerry Barrett

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Report on Bargaining no. 4: Revera Retirement Units

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