REPORT ON BARGAINING No. 2: Revera Retirement Units

Marion Chateau, The Bentley at Saskatoon, and The Bentley at Yorkton

January 18, 2012

Sisters and Brothers;

Your Bargaining Team returned to the bargaining table with the Employer’s representatives last week.  The intent was to meet for three days however, we were only able to get true face time with the Employer for two days (January 9 & 11).

While were not able to spend a lot of time with the Employer, we did make significant advancements in the language of your new Collective Agreement.  The Employer surprised us by coming in Monday morning and agreeing to almost every provision the Union had advanced at our first meetings in October.

The issues that remain outstanding include:

  • Overtime on Scheduled Days Off
  • Footwear Allowance
  • Training Premium
  • Benefit Plan Premiums
  • Vacation Accrual
  • Length of Probationary Periods
  • Increments
  • Notice of Layoff
  • Job Postings
  • Work of the Bargaining Unit (Contracting Out)

Also outstanding is the duration of the Collective Agreement and the Rate of Pay.  We tabled our proposal on Monday, January 9th.  The Employer then left the room to seek approval to respond.  When they returned on Wednesday, January 11th, the response received was neither complete nor acceptable.  They did not present a Schedule of wages.  They simply said they would increase the existing wages.  Our response was “That’s nice but, what are the existing wages?”   We need to see the current wage schedule and the wage progression (increments) they are proposing.

We have additional days scheduled for next week (January 23 & 24) in Saskatoon.  We are hopeful that with serious concentration and work by the Employer we will be able to conclude our negotiations and bring a complete Collective Agreement out to you for ratification sometime in February.  Keep your fingers crossed.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your Unit representatives.  Your ideas and opinions are important and welcomed.

In solidarity,

Marion Chateau:

Rene Spelliscy
Joanna Kosskamp
Cheryl Lambie

Bentley at Saskatoon:

Linda Pederson
Kyliegh Gloeden
Delaenie Gloeden

Bentley at Yorkton:

Deborah de Jong
Karen Pedwell
Eleanor Grandquist

Union Representative:

Bob Desjarlais

Negotiations Officer:

Kerry Barrett

To view a PDF version of this update click on the following link: Report on Bargaining 2: Revera Retirement Units

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