November 17, 2011

Brothers and Sisters:

Members of the Unit’s bargaining team met with the Employer and his representative this week at the Heritage Inn in Moose Jaw to continue efforts to negotiate revisions to the Collective Agreement.

While we acknowledge that some progress has been made with a few issues tentatively resolved, a series of significant key issues remain outstanding. Some of these items include:

➢ The length of time for casual employees to go between working before they loose their employment status and are deemed to be terminated;

➢ Assignment of additional shifts to part-time and casual employees on the basis of seniority;

➢ Call back provisions for full-time and part-time employees. Our proposals in this area would resolve many of the issues coming out of the Central Butte Station;

➢ Employer provided mandatory training; and

➢ Our complete monetary package (Wages including Market Supplements and Adjustments, premium rates, retroactivity and term of the final Agreement.)

We believe all of these items MUST be included in any final Agreement. We told the Employer that without these items being addressed to our satisfaction we would not be able to recommend acceptance of the Agreement to our members. Sadly, our assertions fell on deaf ears as they refused to move on any of these key issues.

At the end of the night on Wednesday, the Employer refused to move any further and also refused to table their monetary package or to provide any response to our monetary items. They also refused to discuss future dates to continue bargaining. We told them their position left us with no alternative but to seek appropriate direction from our members.

We now need to know how you feel about this process and the position we are currently in. To hear from you, we have scheduled a meeting as an opportunity for you to give us your feedback and direction. This meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


SEIU-West – Moose Jaw Office

The agenda for this meeting will be to discuss bargaining and to conduct a strike vote. A formal meeting notice will be posted in the workplace shortly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with Neil or Dwight.

In solidarity,

MJ & District EMS Bargaining Team

Neil Daicon, Unit Chairperson

Matt McGurk

Dwight Chartrand

Bob Desjarlais, Union Representative

Kerry Barrett, Negotiations Officer

Click the following link for the PDF version: Bargaining Report no. 2: MJ & District EMS (revised)

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