REPORT ON BARGAINING: Revera Retirement Units

Marion Chateau, The Bentley at Saskatoon, and The Bentley at Yorkton

October 30, 2011

Sisters and Brothers;

Your Bargaining Team met with the Employer’s representatives this past week to begin the process of negotiating a first collective agreement on your behalf. We met for almost three full days (October 24, 25 & 26) at TCU Place in Saskatoon.

SEIU-West tabled a package that was modeled after the agreements already in place at two other Revera owned facilities – The Bentley at Hillsdale and The Bentley at Moose Jaw. Both of these facilities are also represented by SEIU-West. The package contains almost all of the items previously expressed as “wants” by the members in each of these three new facilities.

The Employer presented a package they said was based upon language contained in collective agreements at Revera owned facilities in Ontario. Their language, in our opinion failed to provide adequate protections and rights to you, the workers. It continued to give the rights back to the Employer that would allow them to continue to mistreat the worker with almost complete impunity.

The Employer would be able to continue to cut hours and jobs reducing every worker to a status of part-time. With this status, no worker would qualify for any benefits such as health care, paid vacation leave or paid sick leave.

We asked that the Collective Agreements achieved on your behalf run to the end of 2012. This is when the Agreements in place for Hillsdale and Moose Jaw will expire. We would like to try to coordinate your Agreements with those two and in that way have all of the Revera properties working on a single timeline for future agreements. We believe this would add significant strength to your future bargaining positions. This is a similar position we previously placed the Extendicare facilities in. They now negotiate a single Collective Agreement with their employer, Extendicare Canada.

The Employer obviously wants to keep all of these units separated and as such have asked for an agreement that is at least two years in length, expiring at the earliest in late 2013.

While minor items were agreed to, they were not substantial and do not lead us to believe this employer is sincere in their efforts to negotiate a fair collective agreement for the workers. The Employer ended the session on Wednesday afternoon. Their representative, Lee Stowell, simply stated they were going back to get direction. He refused to set any future dates and did not even leave any information for us to be able to contact him directly to set dates.

We will contact Peter Tsoporis and Claude Marcotte to press for more bargaining dates to be set as quickly as possible. It is our intent to regularly report back to the membership on our progress – or lack thereof. We sincerely hope that you will continue to stand behind the efforts of your Bargaining Team until we achieve a good collective agreement on your behalf.

In solidarity,

Marion Chateau:
Rene Spelliscy
Joanna Kosskamp
Cheryl Lambie

Bentley at Saskatoon:
Linda Pederson
Kyliegh Gloeden
Delaenie Gloeden

Bentley at Yorkton:
Deborah de Jong
Karen Pedwell
Eleanor Grandquist

Union Representative: Bob Desjarlais
Negotiations Officer: Kerry Barrett

To view a PDF version of this update click on the following link: Report on Bargaining: Revera Retirement Units

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